Component hacks

Hacking the main add-ons, the components running under Joomla! to add new features, functionalities, to enhance or even to fix them


Insert a plugin (or a module) anywhere

You might need to use a plugin's output in a component, or to insert a module in a page outputted by an arbitrary component. I mean ANY plugin which has it's own output in ANY Joomla component you like.

I know, there are couple of ready-made solutions, but all of these are specific to a given component(s) and some components have their own plugins to do that.


VirtueMart invoice overrides don't working?

Recently a co-worker asked my help for a seemingly trivial problem, he complained that whatever he does, the template overrides for the invoices done by the book aren't working. Well, the cause is simple - and is not really qualifying as a hack for non-rookies, but since the solution involves deleting files in Joomla's filesystem, the procedure can harm your site. So, put your helmet on, fasten your seat belt, and do a backup.


Bypass the VirtueMart's built in currency converter

Recently one of my clients needed an interesting feature: to have different, un-related prices for the products in his shop for each "currencies" he wanted to use. The quote signs aren't by mistake there, one of his "currencies" was for example Payments in USD from China... Interesting currency, what you think?

At the first the problem seemed to be simple: since the existing VM framework let you define any kind of extra currencies, and also let you enter prices for products in all of your currencies, the logical step was to simply switch off the currency converter plugin, as was possible in VirtueMart 1.1.9 and earlier versions.

But there is the first catch - this is no more possible.


Use plugins, show modules anywhere in a VirtueMart page

It's a know fact between VirtueMart insiders, that you can use Joomla plugins in the product descriptions. For that you need to enable this by clicking a checkbox in VirtueMart's main configuration (VirtueMart Admin > Configuration > Global tab > Enable content mambots/plugins in descriptions? checkbox.)

But what if you want to use plugins elsewhere, in other spots of the VirtueMart pages? For example in some other spot of the product details page - let's say to insert an availability calendar module under the main product image?

Right, you can do it with a little code hack! Let's make our hands dirty with some PHP then!


Add more, than one e-mail address to the Virtuemart store - and send mails to all of them

By default, in the VirtueMart 1.1.* Store Information settings you can add only one e-mail address in Contact Information box. All important mails - as new order notifications, for example, will be sent there. What if - for various reasons - you need to add more, than one e-mail address?


The shop to be used in Joomla!  is aging a bit - but is still one of most powerful solutions you can found. And with a little hacking you can make it even more terrific!

If you want a very capable business directory component for Joomla, look no further. SobiPro - the latest version of this oldtimer product - can do everything you want in this area - and more. You need just to learn it. And there we can help!

The powerful templating system SobiPro uses have a tremendous power, but to unleash that power, you need additional info. We recommend purchasing a membership to benefit fully from this component, but we also provide you some quick tips to let you started - and to let you desire the deeper knowledge needed to master this great component.

How to add new features to the popular Joomla CCK with or withouth hacking the core componet. Tips, tricks, code samples and more.

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