Component hacks

Hacking the main add-ons, the components running under Joomla! to add new features, functionalities, to enhance or even to fix them


SoBiPro - problems with ItemID in Alphabar

You might experienced this, the links in the Alphabar are sometimes misbehaving, the module assignments in the resulted pages are gone off, if you have some fancy module to menu associations set in your SoBiPro powered site. Obviously, this is an ItemID handling problem, and, unfortunately can be fixed only with a core hack.


SoBiPro - the missing field prefix problem

SoBi Pro is great... but misses some basic features, as adding a prefix to a field (might be as simple as willing to add the "dollar" signe as prefix, and not as suffix), and the templating is powerful - but criptyc even for an average Joomla developer. Recently I had to build a site wich had a special need - to display the last 4 digits of a person's Social Security Number, in the format ***-***-1234.


SobiPro - Entry name assembled from multiple fields

Recently I had to build a kind of people directory (ouch, this was  too "politically correct" - in fact a backlist of bad customers for a group of antrepreneurs) and the obvious choice was using of SoBi Pro. But the project has couple of special challenges, and I needed to develop couple of tricks to match my client's needs.


SobiPro - adding a link to author profile in Community Builder

When a registered user adds a new entry in your SobiPro powered business directory in your Joomla site you might want to add a link pointing back to his Community Builder profile. Sounds simple... but the powerful templating system of SobiPro might be cryptic even for advanced users. And you might not have a membership in SobiPro club - BTW, worth every penny!

Here is one way you can do this!


JA K2 Filter - error 1062 when saving existing items

JA's K2 Search and Filter add-on is a nice - and powerful tool. But has an annoying problem (at least in version 1.0.7): When one edit a K2 item which have extra fields, on save an ugly error 1062 database error is popping up. The component is working correctly, the modified date is saved, but the user  doing the update gets seriously confused.


K2 items list sortable freely by custom fields

Recently a customer of mine asked for a page with a list of K2 items, sortable by the custom fields and item titles. And I accepted the challenge. a first search on the "k2 list sort by extra fields" term returned a whopping number of 1,120,000+ results... and most of them where how to hack the core component to obtain a list sorted by a given extra field - which was not what I wanted. But, reading these pages an ideea sparkled - and in less, than a hour I had in place a solution wich was clean, no core code was hacked, and the table of results is freely sortable.


The shop to be used in Joomla!  is aging a bit - but is still one of most powerful solutions you can found. And with a little hacking you can make it even more terrific!

If you want a very capable business directory component for Joomla, look no further. SobiPro - the latest version of this oldtimer product - can do everything you want in this area - and more. You need just to learn it. And there we can help!

The powerful templating system SobiPro uses have a tremendous power, but to unleash that power, you need additional info. We recommend purchasing a membership to benefit fully from this component, but we also provide you some quick tips to let you started - and to let you desire the deeper knowledge needed to master this great component.

How to add new features to the popular Joomla CCK with or withouth hacking the core componet. Tips, tricks, code samples and more.

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