Add article title to Read More links

the competition for SERP's (Search Engine Ranking Positions) is fierce. The slightest advantage you can gain can make the difference. Good navigation is key here - and part of this is to give some extra info to your visitors of what they will see if they clicking on a given link. Adding the article title to your Read More links is a way to make this happen.

To achieve this you can use any of the following solution, by doing some slight changes in the Article manager Options and/or in your menu items.

Article management Options

  1. Go to Article management Options
  2. Go to tab Articles
  3. Set "Show read more" to Show
  4. Set "Show title with read more" to Show

Menu item Options

By default the menu item settings point to the Article management Options settings by the  "Use Global" settings. If you have done the above changes in Article manager you can skip this step - or you can use these steps to fine-tune your site.


  1. Go to Menu management
  2. Edit the menu item
  3. Go to tab Advanced Options
  4. Set "Show readmore" to Show
  5. Set "Show title with readmore" to Show