Joomla Module video tutorial (Com modules). Creation and management

The information is almost entirely up to date for Joomla 5 (note added on October 21, 2023). Credits – 00:00:00.
Modules Management – 00:00:55.
Template modules positions – 00:02:50.
How to create Joomla module – 00:04:06.
Joomla module ordering – 00:05:56.
«Module» tab settings – 00:08:05.
«Menu Assignment» tab settings – 00:08:58.
«Advanced» tab settings – 00:11:19.
«Permissions» tab settings – 00:12:31.
How to insert Joomla module in article – 00:12:46.

How to use #Joomla Module (free video tutorial): creating, managing, inserting modules in article, module ordering, template positions for modules and more

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In order to see template module positions, enter this «?tp=1» (without quotes).