Joomla guide for beginners (part 7). How to build and host a website from scratch

The information is almost entirely up to date for Joomla 5 (note added on October 21, 2023). Credits – 00:00:00.
Domain and hosting registration – 00:00:36.
Transferring website from XAMPP to hosting ( – 00:04:32.
Database creation – 00:05:46.
PHP version change tool – 00:06:53.
Mail creation – 00:07:15.
«Installation» of our website on the hosting – 00:08:38.
Joomla extensions update – 00:10:48.
SSL certificate installation – 00:11:41.
Setting up mail with a site domain – 00:12:58.
Joomla update – 00:14:12.

#Joomla guide for beginners (part 7). How to create your own website from scratch: transfer a website from a local server (XAMPP) to a real hosting and domain

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