How an author can submit a story?

We all know that Joomla is all about collaboration. And anyone who had set up at least one instance of Joomla knows, that there are multiple levels of access in Joomla, among them one called Author who is supposedly able to submit an article to a Joomla site from the frontend.

But for many of you probably a question arises: how does a user with the auth level of "author" submit his content to an editor/publisher in Joomla?

It's simpler, as you'd expect. Once logged in and selecting your news menu, an author will see a "New" tag above the selection of the news categories for your existing articles that will take them to the editor and allow them to write their news.

Yea, but another question pops up immediately: this allows authors to submit in news only, not in other categories... What we missed here? The ansver is a bit more complicated this time, but it's far to be rocket science. The underlying mechanics are the same for all the categories - You, as SuperAdministrator need just to create the appropriate link for usermenu, simply create a new menu item: Submit - Content then select the section. And you're done. Now you only need an Author willing to submit to you a new item in the given category. Tongue out