Module Layout Overrides

The best way to create individual look of your Joomla website, since Joomla 1.5 is to create module overrides. These are special files, placed in your template's directory, used to override the output of your existing modules.

Modules, like components, are set up in a particular directory structure.

	  default.php   (the layout)
	helper.php   (a helper file containing data logic)
	mod_latest_news.php   (the main module file)
	mod_latest_news.xml   (the installation XML file)

Similar to components, under the main module directory (in the example, mod_latest_news) there is a /tmpl/ directory. There is usually only one layout file but depending on who wrote the module, and how it is written, there could be more.

As for components, the layout override for a module must be placed in particular way. Using Beez as an example again, you will see the following structure:

	  /mod_latest_news   (this directory matches the module directory name)
		default.php   (this file matches the layout file name)

The structure for module overrides is again quite simple: /html/mod_module_name/layout_file_name.php.

Copying or Creating Layout Files


The rhuk_milkyway template does not have any layout overrides for any modules. If we want to override the default layout for Latest News module, we need to copy this file:



to this location, creating the approriate directories in the event they don't already exist:



You need to take a little care with overriding module layout because there are a number of different ways that modules can or have been designed so you need to treat each one individually.