Special considerations to make your Joomla site secure

Joomla, as most CMS's excells by making it easy to manage a website page. Offers a pretty easy way to manage Web-based publishing, format management, history editing and version control, indexing, search, and retrieval. Joomla has an impressive suite of features, but these features require some special considerations.

By using a CMS you are trading off the understanding of the actual structure of your website in exchange of these features making your life as webmaster easier. How does your website work? What are the vulnerabilities? You have a powerful engine with lots of "moving" parts - and a lot of these parts can be exploited.

If your website contains content you don't want to lose - or even something as crucial as customer data and payment information.- it's absolutely necessary to make sure your security is in top shape.

Although these platforms make it easier to publish web content for even casual users, lack of knowledge for basic programming and security can open your site up to attacks from hackers and malware.

If hackers can gain control of your Joomla install, it's easy for them to modify your site and gain access to sensitive information.

Although Joomla! generally is pretty safe, out of date installs, withouth essential security patches added are attacked through vulnerabilities in the code.

While coding professionals are well aware of the impact outdated content management systems can have on a site, these CMS's make website design a lot more accessible to the casual webmasters. These non-coders still need to understand the importance of backing up a site and keeping versions up to date.

Because many Joomla operators use third party extensions to increase the functionality of their site, these additional tools also offer an avenue for malicious attacks.

Due to the popularity of Joomla! this CMS has become a prime target for hacking. Hackers will find flaws and share the vulnerabilities with their communities, leading to some seriously dangerous exposure.

Employing a quality service dedicated to identifying holes in your Joomla security, as well as keeping your site up to date, takes a lot of the hassle out of constantly maintaining your site. You can rest assured that the security of your site is in safe hands and will be protected from the ever evolving field of malware and hacking. And be sure you have a plan for the case when your site is gets hacked. Probably you want it back, in no time.