You Do Not Have Access to the Administrator Section of This Site - Reloaded

After year of using myself the tip You Do Not Have Access to the Administrator Section of This Site successfully today I hit the wall.

I did one more stunt as the ones described above - but didn't helped.

But let's see first the failed hack - because that\s interesting too:

Hacking the onUserAuthenticate

The first idea I had is based on that you could change the authorisation plugin to force a positive response and let anyone in regardless. Once in, you can do your magic, find and fix the issue, and then you can - YOU MUST - revert this change.

To do this change /plugins/authentication/joomla/joomla.php by change onUserAuthenticate to look like this:

public function onUserAuthenticate($credentials, $options, &$response)
        $response->type = 'Joomla';
        $response->status = JAuthentication::STATUS_SUCCESS;
        $response->error_message = '';

It is highly recommended to take the site offline! Otherwhise you really let anyone in!

Fixing the assets table

Well, the above does not worked today, so obviously the only remaining thing was to do what is described in the 3rd. point of the original trick - to try to fix manually the assets table.

And that worked in this case!

What was the probem - and how you can do it yourself?

Well, the problem was that the ROOT asset has been vanished somehow. The key element in the #__assets table is an entry named 'root.1' wich is the foundation of the entire building.

If it is missing, you need to re-create it, with a query like this:

INSERT INTO `#__assets` (`id`, `parent_id`, `lft`, `rgt`, `level`, `name`, `title`, `rules`) VALUES (1, 0, 1, 969, 0, 'root.1', 'Root Asset', '{\"core.login.site\":{\"6\":1,\"2\":1},\"core.login.admin\":{\"6\":1},\"core.login.offline\":{\"6\":1},\"core.admin\":{\"8\":1},\"core.manage\":{\"7\":1},\"core.create\":{\"6\":1,\"3\":1},\"core.delete\":{\"6\":1},\"core.edit\":{\"6\":1,\"4\":1},\"core.edit.state\":{\"6\":1,\"5\":1},\"core.edit.own\":{\"6\":1,\"3\":1}}');

Obviously replace '#_' with your database table prefix. And handle with care - a wrong move can render your site completely useless.

Fasten your seat belts, put your helmet on, DO A BACKUP - and have fun! Or, better - call your favourite Joomla guru!

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