The directory /components/libraries/cmslib/cache/ is filling up and is eating my server space!

Today one of my clients asked me to find out why he is running out of available disk space, despite the fact that has an average Joomla 1.5 site with nothing extraordinary installed, and a generous 2 Gigs server space. In couple of minutes I found the first clue, the /components/libraries/cmslib/cache/ directory has a whopping 700 Megs plus worth of content consisting by outdated cache files. From there finding the culprit was easy - it's the Jom Comment component which is filling up the server space with unneeded cache files. The fix was promised sometime back in 2009, but seemingly was never implemented - at least not in the Joomla 1.5 versions.

What you can do?

Obviously you can empty that directory by hand... but then why we need computers? I thought they are around to perform those mundane tasks. So, let's put them at work!

The solution is easy. If you are on the lucky side, then you have a CRON Job manager in your hosting control panel. If not, then you can install a pseudo-CRON manager for Joomla, as JCron.

Next step is to locate your exact file path. Generally is something like


Check in hosting panel's file manager on in Joomla's main configuration.php file your exact path.

Next you need to insert a command in your CRON Job manager:

find /home/youraccountname/public_html/components/libraries/cmslib/cache/ -type f -mmin +60 | xargs rm -f  \;

Some brief explanations:

  • -type f means files. If you use it, the CRON job will delete only files.
  • -mmin means time elapsed since file was modified in minutes
  • +120 or +60 is file age.

Then you need to set the timing parameters to match your needs:

0 12 * * * find /home/youraccountname/public_html/components/libraries/cmslib/cache/ -type f -mmin +60 | xargs rm -f  \;

This will run your command each day at noon. Tweak it to match your needs!

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