Error: Invalid login during Joomla upgrade

Today I had to upgrade an old, Joomla 2.5.7 site to latest Joomla, everything went out fine until I had to do the first critical step - the upgrade from Joomla 2.5.28 to Joomla 3.51. Did I mentioned that server has PHP 5.6.25 withouth possibility to upgrade - at least not on short term?

OK, so, wasn't the best setup condition available, but usually this is not a dealbreaker.

And BUMM, I have seen an old "friend", a popup saying:

ERROR: Invalid login



Was really long time I had seeing it, and didn't remembered immediately the cause. So, tried all the tricks - withouth success until I remembered the key information here.

So, what's the deal with this error message, in the first place?

This is error is NOT meaning a Joomla login, this is meaning that the restoration script's "password" is incorrect. This is a generated, stored, and consumed password you never see or had to deal with, and protects your site during the tiny window of opportunity when the upgrade (restoration from zip file) is taking place.

Check this file: /administrator/components/com_joomlaupdate/restore.php around line 7343 (depends on exact Joomla version)

die ' ###{"status":false,"message":"Invalid login"}### ');

This is part of the restore process, it means the restore ini file was not created or corrupt or other... just starting the process from scratch again should be enough to fix this issue.

It can also alert like this if you click the back button AFTER a successful upgrade. Don't click the back button in the browser.

I didn't. so what's the most likely cause, generally speaking? It's simple, at some moment someone - the original developer or yourself has enabled the FTP layer in the Global Configuration settings. If you have enabled the FTP layer, I suggest you disable it (or, at the very least, ask yourself the question why you enabled this setting in the first place).

If you really need it, then recheck the FTP user credentials for this website.

The second most likely cause is a real writing access problem, for example you might exceeded the site's storage quota in your webserver or an incorrect writing rights setting.

Check these, should fix your problem. And yeahm use the recommended settings for the environment - including PHP version. Even if wasn't the cause this time, you might have problems later!


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