Where is my feed URL in Joomla?

Today Google returned 500K+ hits for this question, so apparently many of you having problems locating it. The answer is simple: nowhere... or... everywhere...

ROTFL. Let me explain.

There is no button to click on to have the RSS - or any other type of feeds displayed, and there are no one click solutions to have a feed for your site. That's why all kind of solutions can be found for the problem, one of these is this. But there are other solutions out there, based on the same concept - and as you can see, it is not an one click solution, but works. That's for the "nowhere" part of the first sentence.

But what about the "everywhere" stuff? Really? It is everywhere?

Yes, it is nearly averywhere. If you add to any Joomla  blog or table view URL a specific suffix, you have the feed for the content for that page.

For example, if you add &format=feed&type=rss (for RSS) or &format=feed&type=atom (for ATOM) to this page's URL

http://www.joomla-tips.org/joomla-install-config/joomla-seo - native URL http://www.joomla-tips.org/index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=86&id=8&lang=en&layout=blog&view=category

like this:




you will instantly got the RSS, respectively the ATOM feeds for that page.

If you have SEF enabled, you can reach the same pages by adding /feed/rss respectively /feed/atom.

Check it out!

RSS feed http://www.joomla-tips.org/joomla-install-config/joomla-seo/feed/rss

ATOM feed http://www.joomla-tips.org/joomla-install-config/joomla-seo/feed/atom