How to Create SEF URL's for ChronoForms with sh404SEF (or any other SEF component)

The sh404SEF component is a terrific tool for creating and maintaining SEF URL's for your Joomla site - and to make it more Google - and user - friendly, with one condition: to have a SEF plugin for your components already delivered to you with the sh404SEF or to find one ready-made on the web.

Luckily most of popular components are already covered by the component itself, or there are geeks on the net (like me) publishing the needed add-ons. One of notable exceptions is the popular form component, Chronoforms.

Last time I spent half of day hunting down a good extension for it (my own extension written for the previous version was even back then unsatisfactory, and anyway, does not works with the latest Chronoforms). An after a cup of coffe a crazy ideea solved the problem!

Why in a heck one should write such an extension? The solution is much simpler, than you might think!

Luckily ChronoForms has a nifty plugin to insert any form in any Joomla article. And this is the solution! Build your form, install and activate the ChronoForms article, and insert the form anywhere you want, using a simple syntax:


And here you go! Works without problems (even is compatible with ALL multi-language solutions for Joomla 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5 I tested). It's free, and you don't need any extras, potentially slowing down your site or making it unstable or vulnerable.