Modules In Content

Modules are typically displayed on the left and right sides of the page... in module positions everywhere .Evil It's not uncommon to also find modules on the top or bottom of a page. The display location for a module is controlled by the site administrator through the Joomla administrator panel, and it's limited by the template's internal structure. Generally you can insert modules only in the pre-defined module positions. The module management screen provides several options as possible locations for a published module. But Joomla does not provide an easy way if you want to display these modules in the main content area of the site.

Fortunately Joomla provides a way to get around this limitation through the use of a built-in plugin. The solution is the same for all Joomla versions, the exact syntax is bit different. Generally the plugin implementation in each version allows authors to insert the version-specific "load module" command at any point in their content. For example in Joomla 1.0 the author simply has to include the text

{ mosloadposition user9 }

in their content at the location where they want the modules to appear. In the newer versions of Joomla (1.5, and 1.7 respectively), the syntax is a bit different, you should include

{ loadposition user9}

Including this text will instruct Joomla to load all of the modules designated as belonging to position "user9" into the content. Of course any position identifier can be used here. This handy trick allows the insertion of author profiles, related articles, or any other interesting information into the main body of any article.