Add styling to the core Web Links component

The Joomla 2.5.* version of the Web Links Component is missing a class for the descriptions in the list view of a category. This means you can't control the look of the description using css. To fix this you can do a simple template override.

First of all, locate the file


Create in your template, in the HTML directory the following subdirectory structure:

com_weblinks category

and copy there the above file. Now open the file, and locate this line (around line 131, depending on your exact version:

<?php if (($this->params->get('show_link_description')) and ($item->description !='')): ?>
<?php echo $item->description; ?>

Replace the second line with this:

<div class="weblink_desc">
       <?php echo $item->description; ?>

Save the file. Now you can style your description by adding to your template's CSS file something like:

.weblink_desc {
font: 14px bold "Verdana";
padding-left: 15px;

Hey, you just created a new template override! Don't tell me, that wasn't easy! Enjoy it!