TinyMCE editor background color fix

In an earlier tip (Help! My editor background is colored!) showed the most foolproof way to fix the common problem, when the template CSS settings are causing the WYSIWYG editors to have colored background, making edits hard to perform. Apparently there are couple of situations when the tip does not help - and there are many of you using still the default TinyMCE editor (and not switched already to the best Joomla content editor - JCE).

So, if you are in one (or both) of the above situations, you can try to do a core hack (yea, to edit one or more files part of the core Joomla distribution. It's not that tragic - but you must be aware, that you will lost your edit on next upgrade!

So, here is what to do! Locate this file:


or this one

content_css : "css/content.css",

Probably best is to edit the styles from your content.css, which extends the theme css. Here is the code to edit:

body.mceContentBody {
      background: #FFF;
body.mceForceColors {background:#FFF; color:#000;}

Change it to whatever you need, and enjoy the result!

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