How to remove 'Welcome to the Frontpage'

I did not realised until recently how hard may be even for some seasoned Joomla webmasters to get rid of that 'Welcome to the Frontpage' text from their Joomla site. But talking with couple of customers and being even hired for do this Tongue outmade me curious, and I Googled for 'Welcome to the Frontpage'...

The result may be surprise you... my last attempt ended on 25.000.000 (no kidding...) hits.

So, there is the free-for-all recipe:

The very easy steps are these:

  1. Open your joomla administration panel generally something like http://domainname.com/administrator
  2. Log in as Super Administrator
  3. Go to menu Manager and locate the default menu (one with the yellow star chances are that this is the Main Menu)
  4. Open it, and locate the default menu item (I bet on that's called Home Eek)
  5. Click on it, and take a look to the right pane, you have there several vertical sliding panes, called Parameters (Basic), Parameters (Advanced), Parameters (Component), Parameters (System).
  6. Click on system -- and you will see there the "Welcome to the Frontpage" text as the page title.
  7. Change it, save the menu item, go to your site's homepage, and enjoy it!

Depending on your Joomla version (Joomla 1.0, Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 1.7) the wording/naming of the above panels might be slightly different, but I am confident, that you will find your way around, not need to write here the exact version of each Joomla family!