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The Joomla Tips family of sites is a collection of the best Joomla!® Tips around, provided to you by webGóbé, the Internet's craftsman (also known as Yoda Professor), and supported by LeftBrain.net in accordance of the purest principles staying at the roots of the Joomla!®: the Open Source movement.

We are using this very capable CMS back from the old Mambo times, and we was among the first ones to switch to Joomla when an important group of core Mambo developers decided to leave the project and start the new venture, known today as Joomla. As company dedicated to Open Source movement generally and to Joomla!® especially we decided to support the Joomla!® community by sharing the cumulative knowledge. All tips are free to access and use, and are compiled from our own experience, from different public sources (marked as appropriate) and Your contributions. Some of solutions are hardly worked and extensively tested, others are clean, elegant lightsaber cuts - "a cut above the ordinary" as Obi-Wan Kenobi would say. But all are there to help you cutting your own way in the today's web jungle following the Joomla's path.

Use them, enjoy them, feel free to rate them, place your comments or send in your own tips. WebGóbé, the LeftBrainers, and the Joomla!® users community will thank you for your effort! Reading, using, but not sharing them is prohibitedTongue out.

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